Monday, December 29, 2008



[sbnrnyer aku tak kesah jer org nk kata apa pasal blog aku nih..cuma aku ketiadaan masa nk update n make it new..timbul rasa menyesal gatal2 nk tukar templet baru..huhu..]

[pada mereka yg pernah bertukar link blog diaorg dgn aku.aku betul2 minta maaf..sbb kegatalan pd tgn ku merosakkan hampir 90% blog nih..tolong ingat kan aku spya kita boleh link2 kan balik mcm dolu2 yer..hehehe]

p.s : supi, thanks a lot.


hIrOsHiNaRi said...

sori bz td..xleh nk wat..ko kompemke nk flower tu?leh je aku tlg...nt bile ym boleh balik...kite bncg balik ye..

Ren said...

woooo dasat...

::alifdalmim:: said...

huh.. aku jadik mcm ni sbb SUPI aka HIROSHINARI..

p.s : bincng lps ni.. ;p


Janggel :

apa yg dasat?? aku makin hampeh ada la..

humbleandmodest said...

kau dan bunga...

aiSyaLiciOus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anap_ilmi said...

ololololololo... touching lak die...

anap_ilmi said...

jap dam..ade lg 1...ko study ape dulu kat mutah tu? kos baru ke 2?hahahaha

Unknown said...

dlm bebyk.. bunga uh dipilihnya.. kui kui kui... I LIKE!!!

Anonymous said...

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