Wednesday, November 26, 2008

:: Tag : Facts vs Unspectacular Quirks ::



tag ni utk membalas tag dr Enchik Djamboo..

sorry sbb lambt betul nk melunaskan tag anda..btw, thanks for the tag!!


7 facts about me.. [sbnrnyer bnyk je lgi..]

:: i'm a guy ::
:: i'm a malay guy ::
:: i'm a malay malaysian guy ::
:: i'm a malay malaysian guy who comes from n. sembilan ::
:: i'm a muslim malay malaysian guy who comes from ns ::
:: i'm a muslim malay malaysian guy who comes from ns and currently employment with MEDIU ::
:: i have just put 6 facts about myself. there, 7 facts about me. Ahakz!!
6 unspectacular quirks

::I boards on flights for many times but I never go to the lavatory and until today I can’t imagine how the lavatory is look like ::
:: aku suka bersukan..satu2 sukan aku tak boleh masuk adalah bola sepak!! [puas hati asri??] ::
:: I’m not a vegetarians..but I hate to eat vegetable ::
:: I fall in love with MAS but until now I never touch my leg on MAS aircraft ::
:: I like to be an engineer but I got C in drawing when I in primary school ::
:: I believe those who memorizes al quran successfully, they got excellent memory
no tags back..hehehe


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